Ultra Product Info

DeckRite LLC is excited to announce the initial offering of the new MariDeck Ultra and Ultra FB woven vinyl flooring products!

DeckRite is taking a different approach to the woven vinyl flooring market. Ultra and UltraFB are uniquely constructed using a proprietary laminating process that adds a separate layer of vinyl film between the PVC foam backing (Ultra) or the polyester fleece backing (UltraFB). The 3-ply construction offered only by MariDeck provides unequaled adhesion between layers and most important, a waterproofing layer to eliminate the potential of wood substrate rot.

For the most part, most woven vinyl flooring manufacturers offer only a PVC foam backing in various thicknesses. MariDeck Ultra will be our foam backed product. The foam provides extra cushioning and is very feet friendly. The MariDeck Ultra FB has the same woven vinyl appearance as the Ultra product, but it is backed with a non-woven polyester fleece. This is the same fleece we have used on our traditional vinyl flooring for almost 2 decades and covering tens of thousands of boats across North America.. The non-woven backing allows us to supply the popular woven vinyl look, at a price very comfortable on your wallet.We have initially selected some woven designs for Ultra and some for Ultra FB. Ultimately, any design can be used with any backing. Over the 2018 season we hope to gather information for additional product designs and constructions.

If you want the woven vinyl look with feet friendly foam backing, MariDeck Ultra is your product of choice. If you like the woven vinyl look at a price easier on your wallet, choose the UltraFB.


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